Food grade sodium polyacrylate
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Sodium polyacrylate is the people's Republic of China Ministry of Health approved the use(see the Ministry of Health in 2010 No. 12 of the Bulletin)the food additives, can be used as additional reinforcement agent, stabilizing agent and preservative, safe for all kinds of food. I Company the successful production of the sodium polyacrylate because of the use of adiabatic polymerization before hydrolysis process the new initiator technology, high quality, less, this product is listed since the majority of users praise!

【Character】 :

White powder, hygroscopic is very strong, having a hydrophilic genes and hydrophobic gene of high molecular weight compounds, slowly soluble in water forming a viscous transparent liquid, its viscosity is about CMC,sodium alginate 15-20 times. Heat treatment, neutral salts, organic acid for which the viscous effect is very small, basic is increased, insoluble in ethyl soluble in acetone and other organic solvent, is heated to 300% does not decompose, long storage viscosity change is very small, not easy to corruption due to system electrolyte is susceptible to acid and metal ion effects, the viscosity is very low in case of a first-order or more metal ions(such as aluminum, iron, calcium, magnesium)to form an insoluble salt, causing intermolecular crosslinking and gelation points of starch, such as PH4. 0 the following may produce precipitation.

Food grade sodium polyacrylate                                   



【Method of use】:

1, can advance with a saline or the like miscible in water, to improve the dissolution rate.

2, can be slowly added to the rotation in water was dissolved 20 minutes.

【Storage】in a cool and dry place.

[Executive standard]: GB29948 - 2013

【Shelf life】: 12 months

【Use】 :

{Face products}

1, to increase 彊 raw material flour in protein adhesion.

2, so that the starch particles combined with each other, dispersed infiltration to the protein network structure, the modified Bian its structure, and enhance food sticky 弾 resistance.

3, forming a dense texture of the dough, smooth surface and with gloss.

4, the form stable dough axillary body, prevent the soluble starch and bleed.

5, retention is strong, so that the moisture spoon to keep the dough to prevent drying.

6, improve the dough ductility.

7, the use of raw oils in the ingredients Minoru negative dispersion to the dough.

8, as the electrolyte and protein interactions, modified Bian protein structure, and enhance food sticky 弾 resistance, to improve the organization.

{Powder empty vermicelli class}can improve the gluten strength, enhanced resistance boil resistance.

{Other foods}

1, in the meat products(such as ham sausage, artificial meat balls), can improve the protein fibers of the sticky 弾 and elongation, and enhance the taste.

2, in ice cream, beverage products made in grades a stabilizing agent, a dispersing agent, a toning agent can replace guar gum, CMC, etc., and reduce costs.

3, in the water sound surimi-like products can be used as the surface of the jellies, and strengthen tissue, enhance the fresh taste.

4, in the apoptosis of taste Akane, ketchup, Jam, such as oil to increase thick agent, good stability, can enhance the viscosity and keep good form.

5, in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry is conducive to the enlargement of thickening, foaming, unstable, emulsifying, dispersing, adhesion, film forming and water retention。

6, in the toothpaste manufacturing industry can play a more significant bonding, rehabilitation function, has moisturizing, solid fragrance, washability and high temperature and other effects. in.

7, in the MSG plant can be used as a flocculant to process the MSG concentration wastewater, the extraction recovery of protein, the extraction efficiency is high, and can guarantee the protein in the enzyme activity.

8, in the sugar industry and in water treatment can make the juice and suspended in an aqueous solution of the impurity ions accelerated sedimentation flocculation, the solution was clarified.

9, can be used as oil drilling additives, soil improvement agent, sewage treatment agent, etc.